Walker Design LLC | Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

At Walker Design LLC, we design for Clients, Context and Community. We explore each design concept from these three perspectives, to arrive at appropriate solutions that satisfy our guiding mission:

“Through a collaborative process, we deliver  stimulating and responsible architecture that exceeds client expectations.”



Clients and their ideas are the synthesis of everything we do. Research continually brings new insights into how people best live, work, learn, shop, relax and stay healthy. We use this information to develop a vision for the experience of end-users so our projects deliver real benefits to people and communities.



The process in which we design creates a response that not only blends into its immediate context but transcends design limitations to progressively enrich the environments in which our designs are incorporated.  This is accomplished through investigation and an understanding that these structures should respond harmoniously with its surroundings while developing its own identity biased by its purpose.



Creating built environments with authenticity and a meaningful presence in the community they serve and represent.  This is a focus of our design philosophy. We apply intellect to understanding the physical, cultural and historical factors inherent to a project, in order to make informed design decisions and create places with both an individual identity and a sense of belonging.