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Aquabella Wellness Community

The holistic wellness campus develops a new healthcare paradigm challenging the failing reactive healthcare models experienced today.  The concept explores proposed healthcare reform legislation as a catalyst for a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery: creating a model which redefines wellness as a destination.

This project investigates a shift from the reactive healthcare system to a preventive model by deploying design principles to optimize wellness and the business mission of the village. The project is anticipated to:  reduce mortality; reduce the average cost of care and length of stay; deliver evidence based care in targeted service lines; eliminate preventable harm events, resulting in improved financial performance; reduced lengths of stay and subsequent reimbursement reduction. All of these measures will establish unprecedented levels of patient satisfaction to capture newly mandated HCAHPS performance measures which influence reimbursement patterns.

Flexible treatment platforms allow for translational medicine along with enhanced physician integration through centralized sites which share costly diagnostic equipment.  Learning and Investigation is enhanced through collaboration with adjacent academic institutions and teaching platforms.  This project is positioned to change the delivery of healthcare operationally and architecturally.

Much like an oasis in the desert, the wellness campus is conceived as a vibrant, healing community nested into a serene desert landscape interspersed about a significant pristine body of water.  It will become a destination for world class healthcare, cutting edge education, and a unique series of living, working, retail, wellness and recreational venues.   Each component will be interconnected with pathways planned to enhance wellness. Water, light and view will be carefully integrated into each program element.  Nodes of activities provide venues that encourage positive and sustainable wellness, allow for healing, recovery and recreation.

As it rises, the village will invigorate the community in which it stands, and will serve as a national model in the development of full spectrum wellness and accountable care.

*This project was developed while employed by Heery Design.