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Chiquita Brands International


Chiquita Brands International relocates its corporate headquarters from Charlotte North Carolina to Ft. Lauderdale Florida in collaboration with Walker Design. The commercial office space crafted by Walker Design exemplifies the Chiquita brand value, while the spatial configuration benchmarks an operational culture shift that promotes creativity and collaboration.

The 12,000 SF workspace is composed of six key components:
-Visitor interface, Open office, Collaboration areas which include fully integrated technology, Meeting areas for more structured formal meetings, Concentration areas for staff concentrated quiet working, Breakout areas for staff to have lunch or hold informal meetings

The aesthetic intent developed by Walker Design pays respect to the recognizable Chiquita brand without creating a visual sensory overload. This goal was established by Chiquita ownership and was deliberately considered throughout the evolution of design. The utilization of concepts including flexibility, visual connectivity, and simplicity as design drivers are evident within the spatial organization. The natural walnut sculpted armature is located central to the space and embraces all of the components that are considered as public interface. This element delivers an inviting richness and warmth to these programmatic elements that are essential to the operational culture of the Chiquita headquarters. This armature includes glass infill walls that allow visual permeability to natural light throughout the space while allowing acoustic privacy for larger gatherings and conferences. Surrounding these collaboration spaces are the open office areas with direct access to staff amenities and conferencing / teaming areas.

The material palette was developed to be accurate to Chiquita’s brand identity while being organized to serve as sensory divisions between public, semi-private and private programmatic functions. The finishes represent a professional corporate office while the feature elements attract staff and visitors to engage in spontaneous conversation and collaboration which was directed as a primary functional goal for the ownership group.