Walker Design LLC | Crystal Geyser Orlando _ Production and Distribution Facility

Crystal Geyser Orlando _ Production and Distribution Facility

Walker Design completes Crystal Geyser’s Orlando based facility.

Walker Design revives a 40 year old, 100,000 sf abandoned structure while designing Crystal Geyser’s first Florida based water filtration, bottling and distribution facility. Crystal Geyser is well known for their manufacturing process in the spring water market and their slogan, ‘bottled at the source’.

With much anticipation Orlando has become home to Crystal Geyser’s first purified water facility in the United States. Additional facilities are scheduled to be constructed over the next several years while Crystal Geyser becomes a primary supplier of filtered water nationwide. Walker Design has recently been engaged for comprehensive design services for a facility in the Texas market with expectations to continue this synergistic relationship.

Thank you to Crystal Geyser and their leadership team for allowing us the opportunity to assist in this endeavor.