Walker Design LLC | Ellucian_Coming Summer 2017

Ellucian_Coming Summer 2017


Walker Design renovates and rebrands Ellucian’s 22,500 square foot existing corporate office in Maitland, Florida. As a technology company, it is Ellucian’s priority to stay on top of current trends and provide a unique and interactive work environment for their employees. Walker Design’s aesthetic objective was to create an office environment that embodies those characteristics and is a custom fit to Ellucian’s personality as a company.

The open office layout separates the two main sections of employees into 24/7 help desk service on one side and research and development employees on the other. Acoustic ceilings were utilized at both of the open office areas to minimize noise transmission. Staff amenities are centrally located to become a unifying element between the two open office areas. Brightly colored phone booths are located on either side of the public areas to provide a quiet space for private phone calls. The open office areas are located along the north walls of the space in order to maximize diffused northern daylight, cut down on overheating, and eliminate glare. The offices are located towards the center of the space to form open areas along the exterior perimeter, providing more open circulation space.

In order to create a work environment that is dynamic, bright, and contemporary, a range of materials and textures were incorporated to update the existing space. At shared areas, such as break rooms and reception, rustic wood walls wrap translucent glass feature elements. Patterned flooring is incorporated to maximize opportunities for branding and unify the aesthetic of the public areas. Acoustic ceilings were utilized at the open office areas to minimize noise transmission. A contemporary exposed and dryfall painted ceiling was incorporated into the breakroom and reception to give these spaces a more open, interactive, and industrial feel. Where spaces had no connection to natural light, textured glass features and sidelights were incorporated to borrow light from the large windows that line the north side of the office. Ellucian’s unique branding colors were used to brighten the space and to make it playful and energetic. With a color palette consisting of vibrant purples, blues, pinks, and greens, the use of the branding colors take the existing office from its neutral color palette to a personalized environment, reinforcing the Ellucian identity.