Walker Design LLC | I-Cloak_coming soon!

I-Cloak_coming soon!

Design Concept

The design embraces a harmonious juxtaposition between cutting edge technology and the rustic aesthetic of an urban loft for this new corporate headquarters at Church Street Station in Orlando FL. The designers understood their client’s expectations for aesthetics and functionality while proposing a unique sensory experience for the visioning of this emerging technology company’s new 10,000 sf space.


Material Concept

The space was conceptually imagined as an urban loft with the infusion of technology. The material palette was developed to enhance and embrace the differences between these two concepts while allowing them to coexist harmoniously. The flooring is raw stained and polished concrete, which was intended to act as a quiet backdrop reinforcing spatial separations while reflecting the natural light and richness of the materials within the space. The reclaimed wood adorning the ‘cloak;’ wall and spanning the length of the space to the front door transitioning into the café is a warm welcoming greeting element for visitors and clients.  The color palette was selected directly from their corporate branding consisting of vivid complementary colors. The CEO of this company stated “This space was designed specifically for us biased by the branding vision of the company and how we perceive ourselves, we are portrayed within the walls of this space. The interior architecture reinforces who we are and how we operate, we belong to this space as much as this space belongs to us”.


Organizational Concept

The floor plan is an exercise in restraint, co-locating critical adjacencies while understanding the experiential desire of the end user. This understanding allows for optimal use of high ceilings, natural light, and active views. Visual and acoustic privacy for critical program function is nested under the mezzanine to deliver a private and controlled environment. The program is composed of three independent groups of staff that have specific needs for optimizing their performance. These groups include the executives, programmers, and the research & development team. The executives required acoustic separation as well as privacy for individualized interaction with staff and consultants, while the programmers and R&D required proximity to natural light and a space with complete flexibility for teaming and fostering the collaborative process required to complete their tasks. With these requests as a set of regulations for the space planning, the designers composed the floor plan accordingly while utilizing a reclaimed wood wall ‘cloak’ as a unifying element within the space.