Walker Design LLC | Marydia Community Center

Marydia Community Center

The design team transformed a routine task order under its continuing services contract with the county into a gem for a depressed local community by recycling a Butler Building that was slated for demolition and redeploying various building materials in new and unusual ways.  The 4,800 SF Community Center was a project 20 years in the making for this economically challenged, minority community located in central Florida.  This city has not enjoyed significant community investment over the years;  it  borders an industrial area and has suffered from high crime and unemployment rates.  When the county decided to relocate a fire station that had functionally become a warehouse, they originally intended to demolish the existing building and replace it with another Butler-style prefabricated building for a community center.  The designers proposed a different solution:  by recycling the existing building and partnering with the neighboring precast manufacturer, the community could gain a bigger and better facility at the same cost and save 12-15 tons of building materials from the local landfill.

Economic Benefits: 2100 SF of additional space for the same cost as replacing the existing industrial-style building with a new one.

Environmental Benefits: Opting for an adaptive reuse of the existing building the team saved a considerable amount of building materials from ending up in the landfill.

Social Benefits:  The result is a community resource that creates a welcoming, non-institutional, non-industrial environment for a wide variety of community activities.

*This project was completed while working at Heery Design.