Walker Design LLC | Park Square Homes

Park Square Homes

Personalization is a key factor when designing an office environment for a recognizable brand such as Park Square Homes. Walker Design took the functional goals and the aesthetic desires of Park Square Homes and combined them with creative solutions to make the space functional while remaining crafted specifically to the client. The Park Square Homes’ office concept is not only aesthetically pleasing, but uniquely their own.

The Park Square Homes’ recognizable ‘red’ color was used throughout the space to identify with the brand while adding a contrast to the natural and timeless finishes adorning the space.  Upon entry the employees and visitors are greeted with both natural and man-made elements. A custom living wall with integrated branding is juxtaposed next to concrete and plate steel. The utilization of a diverse material pallet assists in shaping the office environment while providing a clear understanding of the intended space utilization. The organic properties of the natural wood cladding and live wall combined with the austere reflectivity of the polished concrete, metal and glass tile gives the space a holistic harmony that only attention to detail can achieve.

Architectural features were created on multiple planes within the space while remaining cohesive in their utilization.  The natural wood element carrying from the ceiling, wrapping down the wall, then extending onto the floor creates spatial recognition while unifying multiple architectural features. Using plate steel in an unusual ceiling application and transforming it into a functional furniture piece allows materials to become multifaceted. A unified design process and coordination of materiality is what makes Park Square Homes’ space beautiful, unique, functional and distinctive to their brand.