Walker Design LLC | Parkway Properties

Parkway Properties

As a company that excels at connecting their clients with the ideal work place, our goal was to provide Parkway Properties with a unique and personalized work environment of their own. Located in downtown Orlando on the 16th floor of the Orlando One Center, the space has extensive, uninterrupted areas of glazing that capture the vibrancy of the surrounding city. In addition to the views, the entire space is illuminated by washes of unfiltered natural light, creating a welcoming work environment for their valued employees.

At the entry, visitors and employees pass through a small vestibule that leads directly into the open office. The open office area, being the central focal point of the space, consists of contemporary white furniture clustered around a dynamic wooden “armature”. The “armature” incorporates linear lighting suspended between wood slats, carefully spaced to create a semi-private gathering space for teaming and small conference meetings. Surrounding the central open office are private and executive offices with seamless glass walls that deliver ample amounts of natural daylight. From the open office, the circulation corridor culminates in an employee break room and café that transitions further into a lounge, each similarly flooded with natural light.

Although the layout of the space makes the transition from public to private space seamless, it is the finishes that amplify the underlying personality that makes up Parkway Properties. With the overall neutral pallet, the rich blue tones that form the Parkway Properties brand is able to be integrated as a distinctive accent. This deep blue is incorporated into the flooring and furniture, giving a lively effect to the otherwise neutral and timeless collection of finishes. Reclaimed wood planks are used on accent walls as well as built in planters, which brings a warmth to the surrounding sleek polished concrete and glass surfaces. The overall atmosphere of the Parkway Properties work environment not only portrays their personality as a company, but also provides a timeless aesthetic that their employees can call uniquely theirs.