Walker Design LLC | SugarCanes Rum Bar and Lounge

SugarCanes Rum Bar and Lounge


Sugarcanes Rum Bar & Lounge is a Caribbean & South American inspired lounge designed to provide a comfortable, chic and undisputed unique experience for those who desire something beyond the status quo. Featuring rum varieties from over 30 countries, the bar menu is extensive. Categories range from silver and gold rums to dark, spiced and over proof rums.

This facility is approximately 5000 sf and program consists of bar, lounge, private dining, outdoor dining, commercial kitchen and VIP lounge. The space was organized to be stratified from the public interface to the discrete private dining room and exclusive VIP lounge as you move deeper into the facility. This stratification allows Sugarcanes Rum Bar and Lounge to be multifaceted accommodating a variety of users from the rum aficionado to the foodie.  The design concept was features a unifying wood ribbon element within the space that creates a harmonious interaction between the private dining, VIP Lounge, and Bar areas. This feature along with the theming creates a sexy and sophisticated place for relaxation that will prove to be an amenity to the City of Orlando and its patrons.