Walker Design LLC | UPROAR PR


Walker Design develops an office environment for Uproar PR that embodies their creative and collaborative personality.

As a public relations company, it is Uproar PR’s priority to stay on top of current trends and provide a unique and interactive work environment for their employees. Walker Design’s aesthetic objective for Uproar PR’s new 6,000 SF office at 55 West in downtown Orlando was to create an office environment that embodies those characteristics and is a custom fit to Uproar’s personality as a company.

The office layout is open and spacious. Its twenty-two foot high ceilings provide considerable natural light and an elevated view of Church Street Station’s civic amenities. Upon entry, visitors and employees are greeted at a reception desk that is incorporated into a dynamic feature wall. The oriented strand board wall evokes the Uproar PR logo with its origami-like folds, creating an impressive three dimensional building element. The use of oriented strand board as an accent material came from the idea of keeping the space industrial and raw. Polished concrete floors, exposed concrete walls, and the exposed ceiling play seamlessly into the dynamic and industrial feel of the overall space. The most powerful element in the space, arguably, is the bright orange ceiling and columns that illuminate the space during the day and provide a distinct contrast from the street at night. Uproar’s branding colors are orange and blue, which were used as accents throughout the office. The interior finishes work together to create a playful and dynamic environment that is both progressive and professional.

The layout of the office space is separated into two sections by a central pod of amenities, which includes the break room, restrooms, and reception area. The staff amenities are centrally located and become a unifying element between the two open office areas and provide a focal point to humanize the scale of the space. The cafe area features an island counter that is open to the front office area. This area receives the most daylight and is used for employee meetings, open houses, and as multiuse recreational space. Adjacent to the open office are three large conference rooms that have ample natural light. The sliding barn doors made of oriented strand board and the large transparent garage door separating the two large conference rooms provide privacy and reinforce the industrial feel of the space. Behind the central pod, and out of direct site of visitors, is the employee office area which has integrated work benches that accommodate (36) employees in an open environment that encourages communication and collaboration. Located along the rear corridor are executive offices. The use of blue accent walls in the open office combined with the orange ceiling incorporate the Uproar PR branding colors. The overall aesthetic and layout of the office work together to achieve a perfect balance of energy and creativity.

When asked about his experience with Walker Design, Mike Harris, CEO and owner of Uproar PR said, “Walker Design came highly recommended when we were searching for a designer for our new space.  We did not know what to expect, as we had never been involved in designing a workspace before.  They were masterful in the way they took care of us.  They asked us very specific questions and guided us through the process.  They were so much more than an architectural design firm.  They were a close partner through the entire construction process and guided us through all the obstacles that come with construction of a new space.  They went so far above and beyond the call of duty.   The space turned out better than we could have ever imagined.  The layout gives our team the space they needed and the aesthetic gives our company the edgy, high-profile image we were looking for.  I believe Walker Design delivered us one of the most amazing office spaces in existence.  We are not only impressed with their work, we are blown away.”