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Walker Design provides comprehensive architectural services in a variety of market sectors, specializing in Corporate, Commercial, and Industrial. Our nimble practice allows us to cater to clients in a very personal and direct manner. We serve our clients throughout all phases of design, from programming and space planning to construction documentation and construction administration. We enjoy collaborating with creative engineers and contractors in order to meet project goals.

Interior Design

The interior environment sets the stage for the performance of life, work and play. A well-designed space can communicate a company's brand, promote collaboration, and improve productivity. We'll work with you to determine your desired project goals and set out to create an appropriate environment personalized to you - an environment that inspires your best performance.


From defining scope of work to procuring a general contractor we have the ability to assist you on your project

Programming & Space Planning

Whether you're in the process of looking for a new space, or have already secured a property, Walker Design can help develop a Space Program that meets yours requirements. We'll work to understand the intricacies of how you operate now, as well as what your vision for the future is. With this understanding, we'll develop a Space Plan that promotes interaction and productivity. We have worked directly with building management groups and commercial brokerage firms to define program, test-fit tenant spaces and determine space efficiencies.

Concept Design

Not sure what you need or where to start? Start with a vision. We can help you develop your ideas into a conceptual design through defining objectives and determining realistic project parameters like cost and schedule, giving you a path forward. The Concept Design deliverable will be determined on a project by project basis. We'll work with you to determine an effective next step. It can be as simple as a Concept Image, or involve a more formal analysis and design package including a Space Program, Site Concept, Schematic Floor Plan and detailed project goals.

3D Visualization

Walker Design utilizes the latest technology to produce high quality renderings of conceptual designs. This process allows you to see designs in 3D imagery and virtual tours, giving a more realistic interpretation of the vision.

Construction Documentation

Relaying the design intent to the builder is a vital step in the process, this documentation may be for bid purposes, permitting or construction. The Walker Design team is technically proficient and utilizes the latest software available to ensure a thorough set of drawings, coordinated among all disciplines.

Construction Administration

Providing answers to contractor inquiries during construction is a priority for Walker Design. We understand that untimely response can increase project costs and delay the construction schedule. Walker Design performs site visits during the construction process to ensure the design intent is maintained as issues arise in the field during construction.